The best 5 “all you can eat” spots in Victoria and Vday ideas

buffet pic

This picture is of all you can eat Korean bbq in Vancouver. The restaurant is called Shabusen and I highly recommend it if you’re in Vancouver.

Since I was a kid I’ve always loved going to the buffet. I don’t know if you could call me a buffet connoisseur, but I know what I like: good food, service and value. These are my 5 current top spots in Victoria.

1. Sizzling Tandoor – Hands down the healthiest value option. There are two locations downtown or uptown. I’ve only been to the one at Uptown and it is on the side near the highway a couple stores down from NoodleBox. The lunch buffet is 13$ and has all your favorite Indian cuisine. I’m talking butter chicken, naan bread, vegetable dishes, salads, rice pudding, pakoras and much more. The food is delicious and the buffet starts at 11:30. If you haven’t gone, make sure you go.

2. May Gold Village – This classic Chinese buffet is in the heart of Langford. It’s on the corner of Veterans Memorial Parkway and Goldstream Avenue. This buffet has everything you like from a Chinese buffet at a reasonable price. I think the lunch buffet comes to like 15$ including tip. There is also a dinner buffet, but I imagine it is a couple dollars more.

3. Shima Sushi – Who doesn’t like all you can eat sushi? This beautiful restaurant in downtown Victoria has an extremely high ceiling and views of the waterfront. It is on Wharf Street, on the opposite side to The Local and Darcy’s and a little bit closer to the Johnson St. Bridge. All you can eat sushi is 19.99$ and the sushi is fantastic. It’s a classy atmosphere and a great place to take a date.

4. J J Morgan Sunday Brunch – This spot is highly underrated. I believe there are 2 sittings on Sunday at 11 and 1. Make sure you call ahead and reserve. It is around 16$, I think, and has all your home-style favorites, including: roast beef, quiche, trifle, ham, salads, baked goods, steamed vegetables, deviled eggs, bacon and pancakes. It’s in the University Heights Shopping Centre, extremely close to UVic. Don’t be fooled into thinking this restaurant is just for seniors. The food is great.

5. Oak Bay Marina Sunday Brunch – Want to experience a lavish seafood buffet with spectacular views of the marina? This is the priciest buffet option at 31$ for an adult, but it is definitely worth it. It’s on Beach Drive near the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. Brunch starts at 9:30 am.

What’s hot this week?

Want to impress a certain special someone? Valentine’s Day is coming up! Take them for brunch at the Oak Bay Marina and then go down to the little Marina shop and buy some frozen fish. Then go feed the seals on the dock! Low on cash? Just go feed the seals. It costs like 2 dollars and people go crazy for it. They are surprisingly cute and they slap water at you if you don’t throw the fish fast enough. Look out for the one with one eye; he’s my boy!

If you’ve got money, another good option is buying a day pass to the pool at the Oak Bay Beach Hotel. I think it’s like 35$ and you get to chill at the pool, which is right on the water and use the eucalyptus scented steam room.

Love science? Check out Night Shift: Wild Romance at the Royal BC Museum downtown.  It goes from 8-11 on Saturday (Vday) and includes spoken word performances, interpretative dance and a short IMAX movie. Nothing gets me going like checking out mating behaviours of animals or discovering which pheromone appeals to me!

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5 Responses

  1. Samantha says:

    Check out Masala Bites in Fort St. All you can eat Indian buffet for $12.99
    3 salads
    6 veg options
    Butter chicken
    Meat curry
    Chai tea
    Desserts. It’s fantastic

  2. Fei says:

    Shima Sushi no longer does AYCE – it was just a promotion and it ended in May. They say it may be back around October, though.

  3. Erica says:

    Does anyone know of a Korean Buffet Style restaurant here in Vic BC??