New year resolutions – 1 month follow-up

Calendar-2015-Vector88% of people fail their new year resolutions and I am certainly contributing to that statistic. With unrealistic goals and dreams, I can’t possibly live up to my own expectations …with 310 data points so far, I am able to quantify my failure.

At 47.9%, my life throughout January was a high F. My friends and I categorized our values and quantified how aligned our daily life is with these values. With categories like studying, physical activity and sleep, this data provides a baseline for what I need to improve to align my life with my idealism.

It is interesting to look at correlative relationships, such as how my happiness relates to the effectiveness of my sleep or days of the week. I might still fail at creating any systemic change throughout this categorization and quantification of self-improvement, but at least failing my 2015 resolutions will be staring me in the face for the entire year. How are your resolutions going?

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