Who are you watching?

George Decker

George Decker

Through this blog, my main goal is to provide readers with entertaining and light-hearted posts about “student life”;  however, this week’s post pertains to a much more solemn and reflective discussion.

Moments before leaving for my busy school day on Wednesday morning, I learned that my former vice principal had passed away suddenly. The depth of my grief, shock and heartache took me by surprise as it all unfolded with this tragic news. Shaken, I left for school in a fog and battled waves of tears as I pressed on through my day.

As I continue to process this sad loss, I am reminded of how important education is. Although academia and “book” knowledge are significant, it is our willingness to learn from others that creates a lasting impact. Even as adult students, our minds are constantly being molded, shaped and matured and, consequently, so are our identities. As we watch others, we learn from them and are shaped by their influence in our lives.

So my question to you is, who are you watching?

Whether they stand up in front of a group of students giving a lecture, provide us with sanitary study spaces, give us guidance from behind a desk or serve us food with a smile, we are greatly influenced by educators and should be grateful for their presence and impact within our lives. We may not develop close relationships with them, but that quick exchange from day-to-day interactions has a lasting value, whether it is recognized or not.

Personally, I am very blessed by the connections that I still have with numerous former teachers. They have helped shape who I am and continue to mold my identity, simply because I watched them. From them, I have learned the value of respect, care, strength, patience and education.

Even in my grief and mourning, I am learning and I am grateful.

In loving memory of George Decker.

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2 Responses

  1. Cathie says:

    I’m sorry for your loss, Courtney. I still think about my elementary school teachers, and that’s a long time ago. They impacted my learning and life in so many ways.