Top tips for tackling res!

students in residence hallwaySo you’re moving into res (residence at UVic)……or at least thinking about it.  Either way, here are some things that you should know.

1. Bring a mini fridge! You don’t know how helpful it is to have a fridge in your room until you buy a container of ice cream with your friends and realize you have no place to put it, so frantically try to eat it all before it melts.  Now, UVic does have some rules about how big your fridge can be (3 cubic feet, I believe), but it’s not hard to find one that size.

2.  The only other kitchen item you can have in your room is an automatic shut-off kettle. I suggest you have one for the ease of making tea, noodles, or whatever you fancy.

3.  Like hard beds? If not, bring a memory foam pad to put on top of your mattress.  To be honest, the mattresses are not that bad on their own, but my theory is, if you’re going to be sleeping somewhere for a year, you better enjoy it.

res-24. Power bars! – Because you always have too many things to plug in and not enough outlets.

5. Shower shoes- Because even though the bathrooms are very clean, you never know who else has been in the shower before you.

6.  Printers are key to success – The SUB (Student Union Building) has a place where you can print pages out for 5 cents a page or something like that, but being able to print something in your room is so much more convenient (and they sell printers in the UVic Bookstore).

7. Make friends with the people in your hallway because they are the ones you will be seeing everyday for 8 months.

And there you have it!  Just a few tips to get you started on the road to res life!

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2 Responses

  1. Dylan says:

    I never lived on res, so it was interesting reading your tips! They definitely seem helpful, and complement the tips I posted really well!