The key to success

Key-to-Success1So I said I would explain the title of my blog post: UVICquitination. The Ubiquitin molecule attaches to a protein and tags it to get degraded in the proteasome (recycling bin of the cell). The process is called ubiquitination. The post title is just a play on that because it is coming up to the end of my time at UVic. I’m sure the biology nerds are going wild on that one, but I’ve realized that each blog post has its own unique title and not an overall title so UVICquitination has already been destroyed – oh, the irony.

What to start with – well, how about the key to success? I’ve figured it out in four easy steps. You no longer have to attend that seminar you had planned on going to on the weekend! Don’t buy the book featuring the latest self-help guru to solve your problems! I’ve got it for you in four easy steps.

Okay, so there are many times you fail in life. Maybe you didn’t get the grade you wanted or the exercise you’re doing isn’t producing the results you desire. When this happens just follow these steps:

  1. Figure out what went wrong.
  2. Why did it go wrong?
  3. Design a plan the corrects the mistakes.
  4.  Implement the plan.

Alright, let’s go through an example. Let’s just take a bad grade as an example because this is university after all.

1. Get access to the assignment/test and look at it critically. Where did you make mistakes? Were they memory issues? Was it something conceptually that you didn’t understand?

2. Figure out why you didn’t know the information. Was it in the notes provided by the instructor? Was it said in class, in the textbook? I make my own notes, so I check to see if it is in my notes and, if it isn’t, I go further into why it isn’t. If it is in my notes and I just forgot, then I didn’t put enough time in studying so I refine my time management for the next exam.

3. Nothing is going to change unless you change, yet change is extremely difficult for everyone. How are you going to change? Tape the lectures on your phone? Spend more time studying? Go to class? You have to find a plan that works for you; everyone’s different.

4. This step is all about motivation. You’ve done all the work! You’ve made the plan! Now it’s time to just listen to Nike and “Just do it!” Figure out what motivates you and exploit yourself. You like competition? Make it a competition! I like to make quotas for studying, so I’ll say I’ve got to go through 5 lectures on a certain weekend, then as soon as I fill the quota I can do what I want and treat myself to a reward.

This model works with anything in life – it’s universal. If you fail again, go back to the start and keep at it. Eventually the bar keeps getting raised and the key is to not to become complacent. Keep growing, re-evaluating, and learning! Jay-Z threw down the blueprint, then the blueprint 2, and blueprint 3, and they all hot! Now Nikki Minaj has the pinkprint? Not sure how I feel about that, but success spawns more success if you keep grinding at it. Even the greatest fail.

Maybe a personal blog post next time – ahhhh maybe? “You aint been in my shoes, you don’t know my story. You don’t know what’s in store, but I stocked the inventory.” –Logic

What’s hot this week?

Mount Doug!?! Check out this picture! I encourage everyone at UVic to check it out. It is an easy climb and there are lots of hidden gems if you just go exploring. These pictures were taken near the beach if you follow the river upstream for a bit. If you have a dog available to you, make sure to bring it!

Mt. Douglas

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