Anyone up for a little rave…yoga?

yoga rave posterOne of the many perks of going to UVic is that there are always fun, active events taking place to keep you healthy while simultaneously having a blast with your friends.

The lovely group of people that hosts these events are called the Vikes Rec (recreation) team. This  month they held an event that combines two of university students’ favourite things; yoga and a rave (a giant party where everyone wears bright colours while dancing to loud music).

People donned rainbow tutus and neon tights that were reminiscent of a 1980s workout video and spent an hour bending into various shapes with their friends. The Vikes Rec team supplied face paint, hundreds of glow sticks and gave away exciting prizes, including ski passes at the end of the night.

The best thing about it was that skill didn’t matter. You didn’t have to be a yoga master and be able to touch your foot to the back of your head. People came in with all levels of experience. The music pumped and people laughed; nobody was self-conscious of their ability (or lack thereof). I can say from personal experience that my friends and I had so much fun and will definitely go back for the next one.

The Vikes Rec team and other organizations put on events like this all the time. I know it can be a little intimidating to put yourself out there, but I promise, in the end it will be so worth it and you will have some great memories.

P.S. You don’t even have to own a yoga mat because they supply them for you. After all, who wants to bring a clunky mat in their suitcase?

yoga rave


yoga rave


yoga rave

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