Will you accept this rose?

Bachelor logoTo kick off our new semester in the hallowed halls of learning that are UVic, my friends and I decided to watch the most respected and profound television show we could find. (“The Bachelor” is a popular North American dating-styled show).

So, we arranged an army of pillows and got comfortable as we prepared to watch the drama of 30 women scheming and batting their eyelashes in the hopes of winning the heart of one very handsome farmer. As the night wore on, our group of viewers kept growing, spanning everyone from teenagers to the CLs of our building (community leaders), who, I should mention, are not all female.

History was in the making right here in our little lounge, as everyone collided to see who, on the show, would have too much to drink on their first night and who would win the coveted First Impression Rose, while simultaneously receiving the death glare from every other woman participating on the show.

I have a feeling that this is going to become a weekly ritual for our small pack of recent Bachelor Nation initiates. We are already plotting and making bets on who’s going to make it all the way to the final, who has a secret boyfriend, and who is really there for the right reasons. By forming our Monday night band of watchers, I think that we have all been able to find a little piece of comfort and the feeling of home in a place, that in the beginning may have been a little intimidating, or maybe for some of us, even a little scary.

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