Moving from on to off campus

Ricky WattsFinishing last semester was very rewarding: completing exams, contemplating ideas of going on an exchange semester abroad and making preparations for my new home. Last semester I went full swing into my newly set psychology degree and, with a fresh selection of courses, I was very pleased with my new degree path.

I met many amazing people last semester, including a few exchange students who became great friends and whose stories further inspired me to pursue exchange (#sodedicated). Also, I was a Community Leader in residence for the past two years and have decided to part with that role to make time for other exciting opportunities.

Moving from on-campus to off-campus can be quite exciting and a lot of work! In December, I began the search for a suitable place to live and furnishings for my new room (Queen bed? Yes please!). The process was extensive and I looked at many houses, met potential roommates and, eventually, settled on a location not too far from UVic.

The house I am living in is very large and I share it with 7 (sometimes 8) other people! The house is full of activity and I am learning a lot with my new roommates. There is a constant flow of food being cooked, dishes being used and new stories being shared each day.

It is going to be a very exciting semester ahead! My courses are interesting, I have great roommates and I will be working at UVic as a Campus Cousin, Tour Guide, Student Leader, Peer Coach and Student Blogger. Also, this semester is going to be filled with exercise (hopefully running again soon), outdoor adventures, eating great food, meeting new people and deciding on an exchange university. Perhaps I’ll even pick-up a dance class.

Blogging is an entirely new experience for me, but I am excited to explore what it has to offer and maybe begin practicing how to use my GoPro… It’s obvious I need to practice more – turn your volume way up.

Thank you for reading, everyone; I hope you enjoyed this!

I hope you all had a great holiday and are excited for the semester ahead. There are many goals that we set for ourselves in the New Year and sometimes those fall through, to our disappointment, but I encourage you. If it is something that you truly value you can implement intentions for yourself and make your passionate ideas a reality!

Happy new year everyone and all the best in the new semester!

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