JamesLet’s get the boring introduction out of the way first. I woke up one morning when I was 25 and decided I wanted to be a doctor. Big dreams for someone who had always been a below-average to mediocre student, but my naivety allowed me to think it possible.

Now here I am at age 29, finishing up the last part of my undergraduate degree in science. I took my first two years at Camosun College and then transferred to UVic. Words can’t even express what this journey has meant to me. I’ve encountered so many challenges and things have been extremely difficult at times, but I’ve learned and grown so much in these 4 years.

I’ve failed tests, had to drop classes, been challenging for instructors, submitted lab reports minutes before the deadline after starting them 12 hours earlier and suffered numerous setbacks that made me contemplate if I have what it takes to continue. Nothing about these last 4 years has been easy, but it has all has been worth it.

There have been a lot of great moments: I’ve achieved a level of academic success I didn’t think possible. I’ve reached a lot of athletic goals. I fell in love with a girl in my biology lab after spilling bacteria all over her on the first day (sure, we eventually broke up but she definitely deserves a lot of credit for any successes I may have). I have had the pleasure of learning from some great instructors who not only taught me about science, but also taught me about life.

This blog will be about academics, health, fitness, food and nutrition, student life, grocery shopping, relationships, and life lessons/experiences along with some self-deprecating humour. I’ll explain the name of the blog next week, and I wish each of you happiness and fulfillment in 2015!

RatatouilleWhat’s hot this week?

  • The Sunday night Disney movie on CBC. I watched Ratatouille a couple weeks ago and it was amazing – definitely my new favorite Disney movie. I’ll take a Disney movie over a rom-com any day of the week. This week I’m pretty sure it’s Tangled, which is Rapunzel Disney style. Set your PVRs and check it out.


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