It’s only up we go

This week started off in a foggy haze, not just in a metaphorical sense, but quite literally. An eerie fog covered Victoria for the first couple of days as students ran around campus figuring out where new classes were, getting textbooks, checking out events around campus and getting back into routines.


I will admit I am one of those students and it only took a day or so to get back into the rhythm of things before the fog cleared and, wow, am I ever excited to get back at it (now I have survived the massive bookstore lines). Welcome to university; the only place you will ever witness line-ups to buy overly-priced textbooks and have it compared to being “worse than waiting for a ride at Disneyland.”

These pictures don’t do it justice. The line curved all around the bookstore in an ‘S’ shape. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself – or be super-organized and use the pick-up service offered through the bookstore before the start of the semester. You order your books online and, BOOM! they’re ready for pick up, no lines necessary! More here:

bookstore line     bookstore line

Next on the agenda was rugby practice! I’m on the varsity women’s rugby team and I love it. The team is my second family and we have some great times. This week was the “Rugby Olympics” where we were split into three teams – Kazakhstan, New Zealand and the USA. There were a number of competitions including: small sided games, kicking, catching, passing and relays. It gets pretty competitive but it’s always all fun and games in the end. I’m recovering from a stress fracture so I got to be “Official Scorekeeper”. I must say, I had some fun with it.

Can’t wait to share the next semester with you. It’s only up we go!

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