Hitting the ground running

BrianBetween classes, volunteering and various other personal tasks, this first week at UVic promises to be nothing short of wildly busy and yet, I missed this chaos over the winter break. I have gone from lying around all day recovering from an ACL repair to attending classes, assisting events, contacting professors, contacting university staff, checking email accounts, studying (yes already) and everything in between.

My recent surgery means that, unlike my title, there is to be no running in my immediate future; however, thankfully all my classes are fairly close together, mostly in the Cornett building. My fellow students have been very patient with my hobbling up and down the stairs, which does make it easier to deal with the fact that I have a giant brace on my knee. On the upside, it does make for a great ice breaker.

Despite the hectic pace of my first few days back, the drive down was thankfully uneventful; although, I could have done without the massive amount of rain. Other than that first day, the weather has been nice, a little on the cold side, but at least it stopped raining.

So now that I’m back, it’s been non-stop walking around trying to get everything done in a somewhat reasonable time. I had hoped that at least my first week back would have some relaxation, but real life dictated otherwise – not that that’s a bad thing either. At least this way I’ll be starting on assignments before the 2nd month of the term, and (hopefully) not have a chaotic week of finals.

Welcome back to UVic; let’s hit the ground running.

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