Design our new MSA logo!

Asalam alaikum dear MSA members,

We need your help to design and vote on the new MSA logo. Put your creative skills to use and submit an entry for our MSA logo competition! Here are some suggested guidelines about what we`re looking for in the new logo:

  • Should have at least one symbol related to Islam (for example masjid, minaret, Islamic art, etc)
  • The colours should reflect the Victoria environment (think UVic, west coast)
  • It should show unity and gathering
  • It must not contain any images of people
  • Keep in mind the logo may need to be scaled for other uses: business cards, T-shirts, letterhead, webpages

The competition starts today, and the deadline to email us your submission is February 20, 2015. MSA members will have the chance to vote and select the new MSA logo.. voting procedures to be announced later. The winning prize is a gift card.

For inspiration and some design basics, please see the links below:


MSA Logo Comp