Textual Studies Conference 2012, Victoria

Beyond Accessibility: Textual Studies in the 21st Century (June 8-10 2012)


Friday, June 8
1.15 pm (Plenary Speaker) Adriaan van der Weel: Feeding Our Reading Machines.

Saturday, June 9
8.30-10.00 am: Digital Editions 1– Prototypes and Current Projects. Chair: Richard Cunningham

1.  Meagan Timney (Marker Seven Inc.): Turning the Page: Rethinking Design for Digital Editions.
2.  Melissa Dalgleish (York U): Modular Thinking: A Model for Small-Scale Social-Text Digital Editions
3.  Michelle Levy (Simon Fraser U): Evaluating Digital Remediations of Women’s Manuscripts.

8.30-10.00 am: The Legacy of Print. Chair: Brent Nelson

4.  Luis Meneses (Texas A&M U): P.R.I.M.E.: Developing Concepts Inherited From Printed Materials.
5.  Robert Imes (U Saskatchewan): Shared Features in the Production, Use, and Criticism of Print and Digital Editions.

10.15- 11.15 am: Reading Environments 1– Past, Present, Future. Chair: Robert Imes.

6.  Brent Nelson (U Saskatchewan): The Textual Habitat: Environmentalism for a Better Textual World.
7.  Hélène Cazes: A Big Catch in our Net: Vesalius’ Fabrica (1534,1555), a case study for editorial mediations.

10.15-11.15 am: Searchable Texts. Chair: Laura Estill.

8.  Rob Koehler (Illinois State U): Noah Webster, Authorship, and the Vagaries of Nationalism.
9.  Sandra M. Leonard (Indiana U of Pennsylvania, U of Delaware, Montgomery County Community College): A Wilde Goose Chase: Google-ing the Greats and Investigating Literary Plagiarism.

11.15 am-12.30 pm Lunch provided

12.30-2.00 pm: Translation 1– The Challenge of Converting to Digital. Chair: Gord Barentson.

10.  Eugenie Duthoit (U Montpellier): From a print to a digital edition: the case of a Latin handbook.
11.   Jon deTombe (U Saskatchewan): Ark-iving and Enciphering Markup in the Early Modern Collection.
12.  Dean Irvine (Dalhousie U): ModLabs.

12.30-2.00 pm: Digital Editions 2– Theories and Challenges. Chair: Paul Hjartarson.

13.  Daniel Sondheim, Geoffrey Rockwell, Mihaela Ilovan, Luciano Frizzera, Jennifer Windsor, and Stan Ruecker (U Alberta): From Print to Web and Back: The Current State of Scholarly Editions.
14.  Christopher Doody (Carleton U), Zailig Pollock (Trent U): “I Have Changed”: Textual Transformations in P.K. Page’s Brazilian Journal.
15.  Hannah McGregor: (Re)Writing the ‘Foreign’: P.K. Page’s Brazilian Journal and the Digital Turn.

2.15-3.45: Digital Editions 3– Prototypes and Current Projects. Chair: Scott Schofield.

16.  Krista Stinne Greve Rasmussen (U Copenhagen): The State of the Scholarly Edition in the Nordic Countries and the Concept of the Text.
17.  John D. Baird (U Toronto): Scholarly Reading or Readerly Edition: Towards a Digital Dunciad.
18.  Jan Gielkins and Peter Kegel (The Hyugens Institute for the History of the Netherlands of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences): Complete works and beyond: The heritage of Dutch writer Willem Frederik Hermans in the 21st Century.

2.15-3.45: Translation 2– A Period of Transition. Chair: Jon Saklofske.

19.  Christoph Bläsi (Johannes Gutenberg U): Will our children have the chance to do research on today’s digital books?
20.  Serina Patterson (U British Columbia): Beyond Reading: The ‘Gamification’ of Books.

4.00-5.00 pm (Plenary Speaker) Sydney Shep: Fascinating Rhythms: Typographical journals & Global Communication Networks in the Nineteenth Century

Sunday June 10th
9.00-10.30 am: The Case for Space: Mapping the Digital Text. Chair: Alan Galey.

21.  Janelle Jenstad (U Victoria): Re-Placing the Book: Preparing a Geo-text of the Mayoral Shows.
22.  Jennifer W.W. Lo (King’s College London): Dimensionality in Print and Digital Scholarly Editions of Henslowe’s Diary.

9.00-10.30 am: Tools. Chair: Paul Werstine.

23.  Dana Wheeles (NINES): Juxta on the Web.
24.  Harvey Quamen (U Alberta), Matt Bouchard (U Toronto), and Paul Hjartarson (U Alberta): A Public Interface for the Archive: Scholarship and Smartphones.
25.  Vanessa Lent (Dalhouse U): Paris and Wilfred Watson’s Cockcrow and the Gulls.

10.45 am-12.45 pm: Reading Environments 2– Past, Present, Future. Chair: Richard Cunningham.

26.  Constance Crompton, Raymond Siemens, and the Devonshire Manuscript Editorial Group (U Victoria): Many Hands, Many Editors: The Scholarly Edition and Social Media.
27.  James Smith (MITH): Shared Canvas: Towards an Electronic Scholarly Edition Standard Document.
28.  Yin Liu (U Saskatchewan): Appeal to the Public: Lessons from the Early History of the Oxford English Dictionary.

10.45 am-12.45 pm: Digital Editions 4– Prototypes and Current Projects. Chair: Brent Nelson.

29.  Elizabeth Popham (Trent U): Rethinking The Hypertext Complete letters of E.J. Pratt: Exploring the Digital Threshold.
30.  Kristen Cornelius (California State U): Interface Ideals: Analyzing Text Analysis Interface Design from a Humanities Perspective.
31.  Jon Saklofske and the Modeling and Prototyping Team, INKE (Acadia U): Changing the Climate: Alternative Approaches to the Scholarly Edition in Digital Environments.

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