About me


Hey there! My name is Madeline Hall and I am a fourth-year Geography and Environmental Studies student at the University of Victoria. I am highly interested in city planning, local food systems, and Indigenous community planning, and so much of my degree has focused around these two components. I plan on getting a Masters Degree in ICP at the University of British Columbia in the next few years and to implement this into my future career, where I hope to integrate important concepts such as Indigenous sovereignty and local food systems into my practice.

This spring semester, I took Cam Owens’ GEOG 406 course ‘Sustainable Cities’. In this course, we learned about the challenges and opportunities facing contemporary cities through theoretical reflections and practical case analysis of innovative, local, and international sustainability projects, with an engaging field component- which I talk about in the ‘Overview of Project’ tab on my ePortfolio! Something that I loved about this course is that we looked at multiple aspects of what a sustainable city really means- such as the environmental, ethical, and economic components that are integral to any sustainable city. Part of the field component involved the opportunity to work with the CEL team, and participate in a reciprocal, mutually beneficial partnership between community, faculty and other students.