Mural Blessing Ceremony

Fearless Sisters Rising Mural Blessing Ceremony

Community and library stewards who will be caretakers of the Fearless Sisters Rising Mural

Community Stewards:
Anna Chawick, Nicole Neidhardt, Gina Mowatt, and Mandeep Kaur Mucina

University of Victoria McPherson Library Stewards:
Shailoo Bedi, Ry Moran, Lara Wilson and Louise Labonte


Witnesses carry a sacred role in deeply listening to what is shared in ceremony, and passing it forward to other communities.

Shantelle Moreno, Morgan Mowatt and Lisa Abram

We light our candles to honour the sacred children we have lost, those we are still searching for, and those who have survived, and their families, communities and ancestors. 

Youth drummers from Tsawout First Nations:
Ruth Underwood, Abby Underwood and Aniah Raphael