Research Experience Award

Eligibility: Indigenous students (at all levels), who have partnered with an Indigenous community or organization to engage in a wellness-related research project that is mutually beneficial. Partnerships can form in response to a placement advertised by IMN-PN or can be a pre-existing relationship. Applicants must either be studying in, or conducting research in British Columbia or the Yukon. Applicants must also have an Academic Mentor at an eligible institution for funds to be transferred. The award is limited to students who are not completing a research project (e.g., honours or Master’s thesis, Doctoral dissertation) as part of their educational program.

Use of funds: Proposed activities to support the graduate student’s mentorship needs are eligible. Research Experience Awards can be used for self-funding students’ time, while working on a wellness-related research project initiated by and of interest to an Indigenous community or organization. The research experience can be undertaken at any time during one year of their program and may involve engagement on-site (e.g. assisting with a community-level KT event, land-based research activity or community research engagement meeting/s) or by distance (e.g. environmental scan or literature review for a proposal), under the supervision of their academic mentor.

An academic and community or organizational Mentor will guide each Mentee through this experience. 


Award Value
Undergraduate Students $1000
Graduate Students $2000

A complete application for this award will include:

  1. IMN-PN Registration Survey (If it has not already been completed. Please indicate if it has been on the Awards and Stipends checklist)                          
  2. IMN-PN Research Experience Award Application Form
  3. Verification of Enrollment (not applicable for New Investigators)
  4. One-page proposal
  5. Letter of Support from Academic Mentor
  6. Letter of Support from Organization/ Community, on letterhead (suggested template)

All application materials should be emailed as one document in the format (Last name_Research Experience Award.pdf)

If you are applying for more than one award, please create separate documents for each award and send in separate emails with the title of the award in the subject line with the appropriate package.

**Research Experiences are now closed, as the IMN-PN will be sunsetting soon.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All inquires and submissions can be sent to:

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