Current Research Experiences

If you have a Research Experience you would like to offer students please get in touch with the Network Coordinator. 

Please see the following Research Experience opportunities: 

Project: Developing a Restorative and Outcomes based Quality Assurance Framework, Ministry of Children and Family Development

Contact Details: Dr Zaheera JINNAH,
Tel 250 812 8168, address: 525 Superior Street, Victoria, B.C.
Duration: 5 months maximum
Number of hours: to be determined. (Approximate number of hours for the project 100)

Embedded within an ongoing research and practice project on developing an Outcomes-based, Restorative Quality Assurance (QA) Framework in the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD), this Award provides an opportunity to put your research skills, Indigenous knowledge and passion for Child Welfare into practice while gaining valuable experience in the public service.

The overall project objective is to develop an Outcomes-based and Restorative QA Framework that will strengthen the services and practices of MCFD. Your role will be to conduct literation reviews and jurisdictional scans, and gather data from multiple sources including through interviews and facilitated discussions. You will receive mentorship from Dr Zaheera Jinnah, a Mitacs Canada Science Policy Fellow, who is the project lead.

Research Experiences Available for Undergraduate and Graduate Students

For students interested in the following subjects please contact Dr. Brian Christie for more information:  neuroscience, biology, biochemistry, or psychology in the areas of Fetal Alcohol spectrum disorders, traumatic brain injury, and Fragile-X syndrome.

Brian R. Christie, Ph.D.,  Director, UVic Concussion Lab

Email: for appointments

Canadian HIV Observational Cohort (CANOC) Collaborative Research Centre

The CANOC Collaborative Research Centre focuses on HIV health services and epidemiologic cohort research.  “Building Bridges: A Model for Aboriginal Community Engagement in Epidemiology Research” is an initiative at the Centre that focuses on Indigenous wellness-related research. More information on this project can be found on our website at,

The opportunity exists for students to get involved in different stages of the research process including community engagement in research and knowledge translation.

Contact Beverly Allan for more information.

Phone: (604)558-6675​

First Nation Indigenous Response Scenario Training” Research/Student Opportunity

The Kitselas First Nation is proud to be a progressive, innovative and resilient nation that welcomes and embraces partnerships and to nurture relationships throughout the North West Coast and beyond. On behalf of the Kitselas First Nation, we are reaching out to you about an exciting project. With 100,000$ in funding from the National Indian Brotherhood (NIB) Trust Fund we are starting the first year of a five year development cycle.

Our aim of the project entitled: “First Nation Indigenous Response Scenario Training” (FIRST) Program is to collaboratively design and develop with supporting indigenous and other partners, a much-needed emergency education and training program. A key planned outcome and lasting benefit to the North is for the Program to serve as model for other provinces in creating a seamless response corridor. That is, to strengthen linkages between the North Coast First Nations and non-indigenous emergency personnel between the City of Prince Rupert as the North Coast “air, and water transportation hub” through to the City of Terrace as the North West “regional retail and service hub.”

There is $5,000 for a grad student/researcher to conduct the following activities and produce a final assessment report with the project  including a fully referenced bibliography:

  • Compile and assess all the Kitselas and surrounding neighbouring community emergency planning and response documentation* and assess it against Emergency Management BC’s guidelines for emergency planning and response;
  • Assess local labour market data (trends) for occupations related to emergency management, fire fighting, emergency services, business continuity (all things related to managing natural hazards like a wild fire or flood);
  • Compare the labour market findings in indigenous communities and non-indigenous communities in the North coast of BC, and fan out from there to the rest of BC, other provinces if possible (who has the jobs in these areas and is it that there is a lack of opportunity for FNs or that there are jobs but they cannot qualify;  and
  • Provide recommendations on areas to strengthen readiness and response in the Kitselas, and its neighbours from Terrace to Prince Rupert.


  • A self-starter with excellent research, analytical analysis, synthesis skills and writing skills.  The work would be done “virtually” so no need for travel, you can work from Victoria. However, we would touch base by phone and video conference (we have a Zoom account and Skype).  Hours are flexible as long as the work is delivered by the end of August 2018.
  • A researcher who is technologically literate and can use online databases, search tools but is also confident in picking up the phone and contacting research partners to explain data needs.
  • A researcher with strong ethics and values and will safeguard the information and findings without disclosing them to third parties even in casual conversation.
  • A researcher who will delivery a solid, high quality deliverable on time and that fulfills the request.
  • A researcher that will track their own hours, prepare their own invoices and ensure these are submitted as requested.
  • A researcher that will communicate with good attitude, enthusiasm as well as flag as early as possible any hurdles…hopefully by trying their best to overcome them first vs waiting til someone fixes them.

Please contact Connie (former UVIC grad):

Connie Delisle, BA, BA, MSc, PhD
Research Associate, (Office of the Dean of Engineering) Carleton University, Ont
President and Founder, Storyline Associates Inc
Kelowna, British Columbia Canada
Phone: 250-317-2800
Twitter:  @storyline 140

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