About Us

“For me, research can not be divorced from community, Land/water and accountability to these relationships. I see my research on wellness and Indigenous governance- as a way to honour the voices and teachings of each person I learn from and hope to give back in the work I do. As a student and recipient of the IMN award- I feel supported and held in meaningful circles of support, trust and respect. I am so incredibly grateful and honoured to be a part of this community and feel a part of something much bigger than just me!” Erynne Gilpin, IMN-PN Award Recipient


IMN-PN creates and maintains an ‘Action-Learning Circle’ of traditional and innovative supports for Mentees to help promote relationships based off of reciprocity. We hope that the relationships formed in this network will help to develop those who are more junior in training or with career trajectories.

We prioritize Indigenous Knowledge, decolonizing methodologies, Two-Eyed Seeing, and Indigenous community-engaged research. We hope that you want to become a part of this network and help foster and strengthen our relationships between one another to support research that improves life seven generations forward.

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