November Seminar

Speaker: Dr. Gourab Ray

Title: The 100 Prisoners Problem



Speaker: Dr. Jon Noel

Title: Solving HUGE problems quickly

Abstract: What is the fastest way to multiply two humongous numbers? The standard multiplication method that you learned in elementary school is a great for small numbers, but what about numbers with 10,000 digits? Is there a better way? (Spoiler alert: yes, there is). In this session, we will learn about different methods (i.e. “algorithms”) for solving mathematical problems, and how to compare different algorithms to determine which one is the “fastest.”

Bio: Jon Noel is a math prof at UVic interested in discrete mathematics and its connections to other areas like computer science, analysis, and statistical physics. Much of his work revolves around understanding the “extreme” behaviour of very large networks. He grew up in Kamloops, BC, where he also completed his undergraduate degree from TRU in 2011. He obtained his Master’s from McGill in 2013 and PhD from the University of Oxford in 2016. Before coming to UVic, he worked in postdoctoral positions in Switzerland and the UK.