Qualitative data management and analysis within a data repository

Our research team has a publication on how we organized and managed the data during our second research study. In this paper, we also offer some insight into some of the limitations of secure, online data management that is offered through a data repository.

Abstract: Data repositories can support secure data management for multi-institutional and geographically dispersed research teams. Primarily designed to provide secure access, storage, and sharing of quantitative data, limited focus has been given to the unique considerations of data repositories for qualitative research. We share our experiences of using a data repository in a large qualitative nursing research study. Over a 27-month period, data collected by this 15-member team from 83 participants included photos, audio recordings and transcripts of interviews, and field notes. The data repository supported the secure collection, storage, and management of over 1,800 files with data. However, challenges were introduced during analysis that required negotiations about the structure and processes of the data repository. We discuss strengths and limitations of data repositories, and introduce practical strategies for developing a data management plan for qualitative research, which is supported through a data repository.

Reference: Antonio, M. G., Schick-Makaroff, K., Doiron, J. M., Sheilds, L., White, L., & Molzahn, A. (2019). Qualitative data management and analysis within a data repository. Western Journal of Nursing Research, , 19394591988170. doi:10.1177/0193945919881706