Our Team

This project is the ongoing product of researchers, artists, writers, and community members. It would not be possible without the tireless effort of our participants and contributors.

We are grateful to everyone who has participated, organized, and supported the activities associated with HIV In My Day and associated research. This project is only possible because of the interviewees, researchers, community members, and artists who contributed time and energy to this ongoing project. There are no words of gratitude that can express how valuable the testimony, scholarship, and artistic work has been. We would like to thank: Ben Klassen, whose original masters thesis became a University of Victoria Oral History research project led by Nathan Lachowsky and Terry Howard. Researchers, supporters, and community members who helped to guide many aspects of the project: Robert Ablenas, Charlene Anderson, Bruce Budden, JP Catungal, El Chenier, Sarah Chown, Craig Dales, Jasmine Desjardins, William Flett, Peggy Frank, TJ Furlani, Jackie Haywood, Art Holbrook, Terry Howard, Rob Hurst, Matt Huculak, Kai Jacobsen, Ben Klassen, Nathan Lachowsky, Sandy Lambert, Faelan Lundeberg, Christiana Miewald, Michael Montess, Andrés Montiel, Surita Parashar, Anya Slater, Christopher Szekeres, Leah Tidey, Rick Waines, Furqan Waleed, Sarah Wilson, Michael Yoder, Laine Halpern Zisman.


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