Exhibition of Art & Ephemera

Jackie Haywood and Robert Ablenas, Co-Curators

This exhibition aims to reconstitute, make familiar, and then help linger the cultural, political, economic, and social environment in which people in British Columbia lived their lives during the late 80s through 90s — the early years of AIDS. The posters, magazines, newspapers, adverts, paintings, sculptures, T-shirts, pins, logo, photos, and timeline collectively piece together the vibe of those times. Among the themes that emerge are bridge-building across communities; unsung heroes; sources of emotional and practical support; hopes; fears; and activism.

Items on display serve as tangible, extensive footnote to details mentioned in the oral history research project, HIV in My Day (2017–present) and the play In My Day which also aim to respect, honour, and preserve this past. The overarching vision of the exhibition, the research project, and the play is a future in which we have learned lessons from this past toward making a better world that includes working together, supporting each other, and mutual understanding.

We hear your voices.

For those who left us too soon and those who survive today.

The Co-Curators wish to thank the following:

Sharon Tenenbaum, Dawn Brennan, John Kozachenko, Jake Thomas, Anthony Walters, Lee Van Paassen, Allan Morgan, Lisa Lowe, Ken McDonald, Monica Emme, Terry Howard, Val Nicholson, Melody Burton