New Resource: CPDOnline

CPDOnline makes it easy for UVic Law Students and Faculty to sign up and watch continuing professional development (CPD) videos free of charge. Check out the extensive library of on-demand CPD videos to keep up to date on current developments in the law. You can search by practice area and watch relevant programs on practice management, employment law, civil litigation, advocacy skills, and so much more.

Sign-up is simple!

    • First go to¬†
    • Then click “login”,
    • When on the login page, click the tab titled “create an account”
    • After filling in a password and email (for future login) click the box that reads “Law¬†student / Paralegal student / Faculty.”

Your account will then be created and you will be taken to the “my videos page.” From this page, you can navigate to the “Law Videos” tab which will give you full access to the CPDOnline library.