Expecting Your First Baby?

Concerned that you and your partner may argue more after the new baby comes? 

Click Here to Participate in Our Eligibility Questionnaire


To get involved, you and your partner will both fill out short online surveys to see if you qualify.

  •  You must be 19 years or older, expecting your first child, able to communicate in English, living with your partner, and a resident of Canada to participate.
  •  If you are eligible to complete the survey, you will answer questions about communication and conflict in your relationship.
  •  All participants who finish the survey you will receive information about conflict during the transition to parenthood as well as a list of local community resources.

Benefits of Participating…

  • All participants will receive information about managing stress and conflict in early parenthood.
  • Couples who are eligible for the Expectant Couples Checkup Study will receive up to $340 cash honorarium for completion of all procedures ($100 for the first two online sessions, $60 for the first follow-up surveys, $80 for the second follow-up, and $100 for the third follow-up).

Click Here to Participate in Our Eligibility Questionnaire

Feel free to contact us with any questions at couples@uvic.ca