Objectives & Research Topics

The main objective of this multidisciplinary workshop was to gather both researchers and practitioners to discuss technical and non-technical challenges, and explore previously unknown challenges and resolutions in the Big Data Analytics process for Healthcare, Medicine, and Biology. Papers describing original research on both theoretical and practical aspects of Healthcare Big Data Analytics (BDA) are solicited. Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Big Data Analytics Infrastructure, methodologies and tools for Healthcare Big Data Analytics (BDA)
  • Big Data for Precision/Customized Medicine
  • Health Big Data Privacy/Security
  • Health Big Data Management/Repositories
  • Standard Development for Healthcare Big Data Governance/Interoperability
  • Metadata for Healthcare Big Data Integration, Discovery and Interpretation
  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning for Big Data Analytics in Biology, Medicine, and Healthcare
  • Visualization Analytics for Big Data in Biology, Medicine, and Healthcare
  • Real World Big Data Analytics Case Study in Biology, Medicine, and Healthcare
  • Availability, reliability and Fault tolerance
  • Frameworks for parallel and distributed information retrieval
  • Data-driven decision making and prescriptive analytics
  • High-dimensional data streams for BDA