Who is that person running the Zoom classroom? Getting to know your professors is one of the joys of the UVic MBA in Sustainable Innovation, and we thought we’d get the conversation started with some quick facts about a few of them. (See other Study Break profiles here.)


Associate Teaching Professor

BA in International Relations, University of Toronto
PhD in Organizational Behaviour, University of British Columbia

Hometown: Saskatoon, Sask. (but born in Sheffield, England)


Fun Facts

Coffee or tea: Yes. Both. Large quantities.

Last book you read: Writers and Lovers, by Lily King.

Most recently played song on your playlist: I rarely get to control the playlist at home. If my husband is in charge, we listen to Steely Dan on a loop. If it is my oldest daughter, it will be East Coast music (usually Heave Away, by The Fables). If it is my middle daughter, the Hamilton soundtrack or Christmas music will be blasting, and if it is my youngest daughter, it will be One Direction.



MBA class taught: MBA 555 (People and the Future of Work)

I am excited to be teaching People and the Future of Work this term, particularly at a time of such dynamic change in organizations. Leaders are struggling with questions around how to design their organizations, how to encourage collaboration, how to bring people together to tackle complex problems, what it means to lead when you don’t have all the answers, and how to communicate the organization’s purpose.  We’ll be looking at all of these issues as we explore what it takes to practice strategic HRM, as well as looking at the impact of HR choices on individuals, organizations, and society.

A question you hope students will ask: What problem are we trying to solve here, and who sees the problem differently?


Research & Expertise

Topics: Leadership, Change management, Organizational culture, Human resources, Service excellence

Recent work highlight:

Design of the new Master in Management program, launching September 2021. For some time now, I’ve been working with a team of faculty and staff to develop this new one year program, designed for students with undergraduate degrees from faculties outside business. This problem-based learning program will teach them the skills they need to collaborate across disciplines, and to tackle the complex problems that organizations are dealing with today. If we do our job right, graduates of this program will be well placed to help others see the world differently, just as we do here at Gustavson.