About this blog

Make writing social

Are you a graduate student at UVic planning to write or writing your thesis or dissertation? This site is a place for you to gather resources, join a community, learn from the experience of others, and contribute your own story. The web space is organized around the following areas:

  1. An exhaustive Thesis Writing starter kit developed at UVic
  2. Web links that take you to the top resources out there–some great academic writing blogs and more. Let let us know if you have one that you’d like us to add to the list.
  3. Blog posts that feature different writers and topics every few weeks. We ask professors, graduate students, writing tutors, and others with experience in graduate student writing to write posts about the many topics around the writing process. Please suggest a topic or consider writing for us. Contact Natalie at caceal3@uvic.ca to get involved or if you have any questions!