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We at the Centre for Academic Communication (CAC) are excited to launch this resource for graduate students.  Starting in 2017, we’ll be blogging bi-weekly with juicy material on writing your thesis or dissertation and  surrounding issues. We’ll be reaching out instructors, students, and staff to provide guest posts.  Is there an academic writing topic you want to share about? We’re interested in topics from technology to terror of public speaking. Do you have a story to tell about your own writing journey as you develop your thesis or dissertation?  Are you a faculty member with wisdom you’d like to impart?  Please email Madeline Walkercropped-cropped-cropped-2110144017-2.jpg at cdrcac@uvic.ca and sketch your idea or story in 250 words (final blog posts will be 300-800 words).

Check out the Thesis Writing Starter Kit and the Dissertation Writers’ Resource for lots of information (see menus at top of page).

The Centre for Academic Communication will re-open for regular tutoring appointments on January 9th, 2017. Our experienced tutors can help you with all aspects of academic communication, from pre-writing to presentations.