I am pleased to say that a paper I contributed to this year is now out and I get to share some free downloads.

Baxter, J.E., S. Vey, E. Halstad McGuire, S. Conway, D.E. Blom. 2017 Reflections on Interdisciplinarity in the Study of Childhood in the Past Childhood in the Past 10:1-15.

Click the link above and it will take you to the free download page.

My part of the paper looks at teaching about childhood in archaeology and I explore some of the things I have done in my courses at UVic. Years ago I encountered the art of a child from Novgorod, Russia – Onfim lived in the 13th century and tended to get bored with practicing his letters, so he doodled. It was my first insight into children’s lives in the past and it really struck a chord.

The featured image for this post comes from Wikimedia Commons, where the author is listed as Onfim of Novgorod, copy by http://www.gramoty.ru. ‘Birch bark drawing of a Russian boy Onfim, about 1260, Novgorod’