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UVic has an important story to tell.

We enrich the lives of our students, staff and faculty every day, and we serve society in a way that is uniquely our own through the knowledge we create, impart and mobilize.

It’s our role as UVic community members to ensure we tell a clear, consistent, and compelling story to the world about who we are, what we do and why we matter. We do this through the words we use, the photos we share, the experiences we create and the actions we take.

Why UVic?

In 2014, we set out to deepen our understanding of why faculty, staff, students and partners choose UVic over other top Canadian and international universities. 

The culmination of those qualitative and quantitative insights are three ingredients that define who we are today and set a bold path for how we will remain a university of choice in the future.

 So what are these ingredients? 

Dynamic learning

Dynamic learning creates a natural advantage for our students: research-inspired teaching integrated with hands-on experiences to accelerate personal growth and career success.

Vital impact

Vital impact drives our sense of purpose: as an internationally renowned teaching and research hub we tackle essential issues that matter—to people, places and the planet.

Extraordinary academic environment

Our extraordinary environment inspires bold action and new ways of thinking: discovery, creativity and innovation come naturally here, in a vibrant Pacific Rim community rich with Indigenous and international perspectives.

We call the fusion of these three ingredients the UVic Edge: dynamic learning and vital impact in Canada’s most extraordinary environment for discovery and innovation.

Together, these elements nurture creative activity and ground us in the urgency of sustainability and healthy societies; shape our world view with Indigenous and international perspectives; and fuel our commitment to economic well-being, technological advances and social justice.

The UVic Edge is the UVic story.

It’s our story.

Whether you’re working on groundbreaking research, creating innovative programming, delivering sustainable services on campus, building partnerships in the community, or doing any number of other things for which UVic is known, you should be able to see yourself and your contributions reflected in our story.

And our story will guide us. It is the foundation for smart decision-making and compelling, consistent communications. It will play an important role in how we attract students, interact with community partners, approach research projects and engage with alumni. It will help us tell a powerful and memorable story to the Greater Victoria community and beyond. Way beyond.

We are all communicators and we all tell the UVic story—and this is where your participation is essential. The more each of us use this foundation and inject these themes into our own communications and activities, the greater the impact we’ll have. By reinforcing these ideas across the entire UVic experience, people will better understand exactly who we are, what we stand for, and why they should choose the University of Victoria.

To learn more about the Edge story, messaging and voice, see the Edge brand guidelines.

Bringing the UVic Edge to life

 Explore the powerful set of tools that will help us tell our story.

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