Student Showcase

The award-winning, earth-friendly glow stick project, Nyoka, first started as an idea by Paige Whitehead while a Microbiology and Environmental Studies student. Paige attended our 3D Design & Print workshop during early prototyping of the project and we have been thrilled to watch her idea grow into something so impactful. Nyoka’s co-founder Yamila Franco (Honours in Biology) has connected with the DSC through numerous workshops and events, and may hold the record for most hours spent accessing the VR Room and introducing others to the wonders of VR. You can learn more about their business here: Light by Nyoka

One of our Podcasting workshop participants, Brian Rowley (Masters in Community Development), went on to create a podcast after attending and shared it with us. It’s called Community Is… and features interviews with “awesome people from a variety of places in life doing really rad things for the communities to which they belong” and you can listen to it by following the link here: Community Is… Podcast