3D Scanning

We have a 3D scanning room available for booking in the DSC. There are two scanners available: a Matter & Form scanner and a HDI 120 Structured Light Scanner.

The Matter & Form scanner can scan small objects and the less-complicated software is good for basic scanning. Our staff have written up detailed information about the uses of the HDI 120 Structured Light Scanner. Click here to access the document. Use of the 3D scanner room is limited to those who have attended a training session, or are already experienced with 3D-scanning technology. For more information, to book a training session, or to book the room, email us at dscommons@uvic.ca

Note: 3D scanning often requires multiple scans of an object from various angles, as well as some troubleshooting. More complicated projects can take hours to get a satisfactory scan, and in many cases more than one session will need to be booked.

We also have an introductory workshop available where you can learn how to do simple scans with your smartphone and an app called Qlone.