April 21-22, 2023. The Different Minds Lab presented five separate projects at NOrthWest Cognition & Memory 2023, hosted at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Richmond Campus. The lab members received great feedback from their peers and feel very pleased with the final versions of their presentations.


Amy vanWell – Conceptualizing categories: How do we represent the objects we see?

Anna Lawrance – How malleable are your judgements? The effect of subliminal priming on similarity judgements

Katelyn Forner – Does the face say it all? Examining integration in whole-person perception 

Jessica Silverman – Motivation as a moderating variable for learning performance


Jim Tanaka – Improving police lineup construction using psychological embeddings: An objective measure of perceptual similarity

Kyla Basbaum, presented by Laura Devonshire – Can you be an expert? Fast and slow learning in an object categorization task