About Me

Hello, my name is Molly Taylor (she/her/hers). I was born and raised on Treaty 1 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I currently reside in Victoria, British Columbia on the unceded Coast Salish Territory of the Lekwungen peoples to attend the University of Victoria as a political science and social justice studies student. Following my undergraduate degree, I aspire to practice international law and/or pursue a career in politics as an MLA or provincial Premier. On a more fun note, my passions include humanitarianism, politics, physical outdoor activities, and most importantly, cinnamon buns.

The Land Talks Back Podcast

My project involved an Indigenous led podcast entitled The Land Talks Back to promote Indigenous youth across Turtle Island to engage in climate change initiatives. I volunteer with VIDEA, an incredible not-for-profit organization that is based out of Victoria, British Columbia, but has partners across Turtle Island and in Zambia, Africa. However, I cannot take much credit for the podcast. Essentially, when I first began as a practicum student with VIDEA they were already working on launching the first episode of the podcast. Once the podcast was launched it was a success, prompting VIDEA to continue with it, and to make it more technologically advanced. With funding I received from the CEL program I was able to supply VIDEA with additional microphones and a brand-new recording system. Now the podcast has been taken to the next level.  It is time to share some stories and traditional knowledge through The Land Talks Back and to engage, inspire, and to teach Indigenous youth about climate justice!

“With a great respect for Elders, The Land, and Our Cousins, this podcast is ready to speak up! Join this group of Indigenous Youth while they open their ears and listen to the heartbeat of the earth. Maybe you’ll laugh a little, Maybe you’ll shed a tear or two, But you’ll always be learning!” – The Land Talks Back

If you would like, you can copy and paste this link to check out the podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/4lP3zKC9bJJyCrQFPPbXwR

Micro Changes Matter!

This program and the VIDEA project have shown me that to make a meaningful impact it does not have to be at the macro level. I acknowledge that this podcast will not save our planet from its current state, yet that does not mean that it is unproductive nor “pointless.” I am so proud and supportive of the podcast, and listeners have already expressed similar sentiments. I have been in school since age four and a half; I do not remember much of what I was taught. With that being said, I do remember certain lessons that had a profound impact on me and my worldviews. My point here is that even if the podcast resonates with at least one person, then one additional person has joined the climate justice fleet. I suppose that I could contend that the latter applies to me. After reflection, I would not measure success in this instance statistically, but rather on a more personal and individual level.

Discovering my Passion for Environmentalism

As a political science student, climate and environmental topics are rarely a topic of discussion. I am also minoring in social justice studies, however environmental topics are just one of many explored in that discipline. For this reason, I was not very confident that I would be selected for the CEL program. However, to my surprise, I was! Being a part of the CEL program has encouraged me to advocate and be vocal about, and engaged with, climate injustices. Beyond that, I have a new appreciation for the earth and all its aspects (minus -40C winters back home in Winnipeg). I know I have a long road ahead in my own personal journey as a climate change initiative leader, yet this program has equipped me with  the tools, capabilities, and passion to do so.