2020-2022 News archive

The following articles contain significant information relating to Canada-China relations and global geopolitics and are for information only. We also include articles posted in our occasional news email bulletin. They do not necessarily reflect the views of Canada-China Focus, its Advisory Group, or sponsors.

➤September-December 2022


“How U.S.-China Tensions Have Hurt American Science”

Big Data China, 9 Dec 2022, by Ilaria Mazzocco and Maya Mei

“Indigenizing Canada‘s Foreign Policy — Time to Put an End to Tokenism”

iAffairs, 8 Dec 2022, by Lily Schricker

“Canada-China Brief: Canada’s Indo-Pacific strategy, political interference allegations & more”

Institute for Peace and Diplomacy, 5 Dec 2022.

“Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy: Analysis From Our Network”

Asia Pacific Foundation, 5 Dec 2022, by Jeffrey Reeves et al.

“André Pratte: Deteriorating relations with China are not in our national interest”

The National Post, 4 Dec 2022, by André Pratte

“‘Canada’s Indo-Pacific Strategy’: From UN Peacekeeper to U.S. Sentinel State

Rabble, 2 Dec 2022, by John Price and Noam Chomsky.

Anti-Asian Racism News Digest

Canadian Race Relations Foundation, Nov-Dec 2022 edition.


“Trudeau sending more Canadian soldiers to the Pacific”

Canadian Dimension, 20 Nov 2022, by Owen Schalk

“Greening of China’s Electric Power System: 2021 Update”

The Asia-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus, 15 Nov 2022, by John A. Mathews and Carol X. Huang

“Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly Previews the Government of Canada’s Upcoming Indo-Pacific Strategy in Advance of Diplomatic Trip to Asia”

Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada, 10 Nov 2022.


“US-China rivalry in the Global South? Insights from a public opinion survey”

Central European Institute of Asian Studies, Oct 2022, by Richard Q. Turcsányi.

“Don’t Let Canada-China Relations Fall Victim to China-U.S. Rivalry”

The Hill Times, 26 Oct 2022, by John Price and David Carment.

“Opening Remarks” at HardTalk Conference, by Yuen Pau Woo

On Oct 24th, CCF with University of Carleton’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs hosted the conference HardTalk: Canada and the Asia Pacific. It was a great honour to have Canadian Senator Yuen Pau Woo give the opening remarks that day.

“Does the World Really Need More Canada?”

The National Observer, 20 Oct 2022, by Zachary Paikin.


“Canada Names Jennifer May as its First Female Ambassador to China”

Reuters, 23 Sept 2022, by Steve Scherer.

“Canada Sends Warship Through Taiwan Strait”

CTV News, 20 Sept 2022, by Todd Coyne.

“The Flaws in the ‘Assessment’ Report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on China”

Counterpunch, 6 Sept 2022, by Alfred de Zayas.

“Victoria March Honours 100-year Anniversary of Chinese Student School Strike Over Segregation”

The Globe and Mail, 3 Sept 2022, by Dirk Meissner.

➤June-August 2022


“Government of China’s response to ‘OHCHS Assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region'”

Permanent Mission of the PRC, 31 Aug 2022.

“OHCHR Assessment of human rights concerns in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, People’s Republic of China”

UN Human Rights Office, 31 Aug 2022.

“Canadian Parliamentarians Planning Fall Visit to Taiwan”

CBC News, 16 Aug 2022, by Nick Boisvert.

“A Deep Dive Into Cullen’s Final Report”

BC Civil Liberties Association, 4 Aug 2022, by Stephen Chin and Jessica Magonet.


“Surviving Through Community Building in Catastrophic Times”

An inspiring article describing three women in China dedicated to improving the environment. Monthly Review, 1 July 2022, by Sit Tsui and Lau Kin Chi.

“Global Agendas 2022 – NATO and RIMPAC”

The Asian-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus, Vol 20, Issue 13, No 3, 1 July 2022, by Gavan McCormack.


“Commission of Inquiry into Money Laundering in British Columbia”

Find CCF Advisory Member Henry Yu cited on page 966. Province of BC, 15 June 2022, led by Commissioner Austin F. Cullen.

“‘We do not accept your apology,’ activist tells Toronto’s, police chief after race-based data released”

CBC News, 15 June 2022.

“Dominic Barton tapped to advise Canada on Indo-Pacific strategy”

The Globe and Mail, 10 June 2022, by Robert Fife and Steven Chase.

“Minister Joly announces new Indo-Pacific Advisory Committee”

Global Affairs Canada, 9 June 2022.

“China accuses Canadian military of ‘provocations’ near N Korea”

Al Jazeera, 6 June 2022.

➤March-May 2022


“Someone called police on a woman doing tai chi in an Ottawa park”

CTV News Ottawa, 31 May 2022, by Ted Raymond and Colton Praill.

“Chinatown mural vandalized a month after completion”

City News Vancouver, 30 May 2022, by Katarina Szulc.

“China, Pacific islands fail to reach consensus on security pact”

Al Jazeera, 30 May 2022.

“2022 Trudeau Foreign Policy Report Card”

iAffairs, 27 May 2022.

“Beijing-allied group complicates bid to put Chinese-Canadian on new $5 bill”

Montreal Gazette, 26 May 2022, by Tom Blackwell.

“Huawei ban undermines Canadian and world security”

Canadian Dimension, 25 May 2022, by John Price.

> Access the Chinese Translation HERE.

Article by John Price. Translation by Ningping Yu.

“A Japanese Initiative for Peace in the Russia-Ukraine War”

The Asian Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 10 May 2022, by The Group of Concerned Japanese Historians. Introduction by Gavin McCormack, G. and Mark Selden.

“BC Introduces Law to Collect Racial Data”

The Globe and Mail, 3 May 2022, by Mike Hager.


“Asian Heritage Month: Canada must do more to eliminate anti-Asian racism”

Canadian Labour Congress, 30 April 2022.

“Worker to Worker, Union to Union: Building US-China Solidarity”

New Labour Forum, 25 April 2022, by Kent Wong.

“Analysis: CBC ombudsman misses the mark in response to complaint by Sen. Yuen Pau Woo”

The Georgia Straight, 16 April 2022, by Charlie Smith.

“Asian Fault Lines Emerge Over Great War Conflict”

Counterpunch, 15 April 2022, by M.K. Bhadrakumar

“Don’t assume Russia and China are on the same page. The US can work with China”

The Guardian, 4 April 2022, by Tobita Chow and Jake Werner.


“The West V Russia: Why The Global South Isn’t Taking Sides”

The Guardian, 28 March 2022, by David Adler.

“The Guardian View on Putin and the World: It’s Not Just About China”

Editorial. The Guardian, 27 March 2022.

“Ukraine Spring Will be Unusually Cold this Year

The Asian-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, 15 March 2022, by Philip J. Cunningham

“Possible Outcomes of the Russo-Ukrainian War and China’s Choice”

US-China Perception Monitor, 12 March 2022, by Hu Wei, Translated by Jiaqi Liu.

“From Soaring Gas Prices to Another World War, Economic Sanctions Can Lead to Dire Unintended Consequences”

The Conversation, 11 March 2022, by Gregory T. Chin.

“China’s Xi: Beijing supports peace talks between Russia, Ukraine”

Al Jazeera, 9 March 2022.

➤January-February 2022


“Canadian Media Is Spreading Pro-Ukraine Propaganda”

Passage, 28 Feb 2022, by Davide Mastracci.

“In Now-Deleted Statement, China Scholars Blast Russian Invasion”

The Asahi Shimbun, 28 Feb 2022, By Takashi Funakoshi.

“Committee of 100 Comments on the Department of Justice’s Changes to the China Initiative”

Committee of 100, 23 Feb 2022.

“Chomsky Questions Canada’s Support of U.S. Foreign Policy”

Business in Vancouver, 23 Feb 2022, by Chuck Chiang.

“A brilliant scientist was mysteriously fired from a Winnipeg virus lab. No one knows why”

Maclean’s, 15 Feb 2022, by Justin Ling.

“Man with ‘machine gun,’ racist threats interrupts Asian student virtual meeting at U of T”

Global News, 11 Feb 2022, by Tracy Tong.

“Japan, Korea, and Northeast Asia – the Abe Shinzo Legacy”

The Asian-Pacific Journal – Japan Focus, Vol 20, Issue 3, No 2, 01 Feb 2022, by Wada Haruki, translated by Gavan McCormack.

“Election disinformation claims and Kenny Chiu’s Richmond riding”

Policy Options, 31 Jan 2022, by Yuen Pau Woo.

8 Part Series: “Decolonizing Canadian Foreign Policy”

The Canadian Dimension, 18 Dec 2021 – 31 Jan 2022, by John Price.

> Access the Chinese Translation HERE

Written by John Price, Translation by Ningping Yu.

“Reader Faults CBC’s Unfair Coverage of Ukraine Crisis”

PeaceQuest, 27 Jan 2022.

The New York Times, 20 Jan 2022, by Ellen Barry and Katie Benner.



“The Epidemiology of Sinophobia”

Made In China Journal, 17 Feb 2020, by Gerald Roche.