2021 Indigenous Graduate Student Research Showcase

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2021 Indigenous Graduate Student Research Showcase

On January 1, 2021, the BC NEIHR and IMN PN collaboratively launched this interdisciplinary Indigenous Graduate Student Research Showcase of papers focused on Indigenous wellness. For this special showcase, we invited Indigenous Masters and Doctoral students from British Columbia universities to submit their work.

We received six submissions that moved on to peer review. Those included submissions from the University of British Columbia, Royal Roads University, and Simon Fraser University.

Working closely with our Editor, Robline Davey, who is an Indigenous Doctoral student from SFU, students received one-on-one mentoring about how to properly format a submission for a peer reviewed publication. Robline’s position represents our practices of an Indigenous mentorship model, or cascading mentorship, in which she (a doctoral student) was provided the opportunity to gain experience as an Editor (with mentorship and support from the BC NEIHR operational team), as well as mentor more junior students in preparing manuscripts for publication.

The peer reviewers include six senior Indigenous doctoral students from BC as well as members of the Operational Team. Following an iterative process, the role of each reviewer was to provide comments and suggestions on the content as well as offer ways to strengthen written presentation of the work. Each submission was assessed by two reviewers.

This showcase provides a forum for BC Indigenous graduate researchers’ work and was an opportunity for them to receive peer mentorship and strengthen their writing skills. As well, the Editor and peer reviewers were provided with mentorship on how to review manuscripts from a strength-based, Indigenous perspective. 

To read the Showcase: Click here

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