It’s almost time to begin the fourth and final season of this field course! I had no idea that this course had been going on for four years and that this would be the final season. Since it is the final season, that makes me even more excited to participate in it to help wrap things up! I am both thrilled and anxious that there are going to be so many students in this class! Twenty-two students is a lot for a course like this. I hope it does not get to crowded! On the other hand I am glad there are so many students in order to better disperse all the work!

I decided to take this course because I want some actual experience doing fieldwork. I am an Anthropology major interested in both Archaeology and Cultural Anthropology. On the cultural side of things I got the opportunity to intern in two museums last summer; now I am ready to get experience in Archaeology and fieldwork!

I have always been interested in cemeteries and the stories of the dead. When I took Dr. McGuire’s course on the Archaeology of Death, and we got to do a bit of fieldwork at the Ross Bay Cemetery, I knew for sure that I would want to follow up that with this field course! The recording and analysis we did for a couple monuments in Ross Bay Cemetery really piqued my interest in the archaeology of death.

Just by reading over the syllabus, I realize we are going to be learning a whole lot of skills. Some of these skills are: data collection and analysis, mapping, 3D modelling, archival research, condition assessment, and project design and implementation. Since we are going to learn so many awesome skills, I cannot wait to get started. I am definitely super interested in 3D modelling. I have learned a bit about it in a previous course with Dr. Katherine Cook, but I am thrilled to get the opportunity do more in-depth work with 3D modelling! I am also excited to work with the archival material to learn a whole lot more about the community and the history of the Jewish Cemetery and the people who are buried in it and their living family members.

In my time preceding the beginning of this course, I have been gathering all of the supplies I need. I am almost ready and am just going over the checklist right now! Of the required things, all I have left to buy is a clipboard. I am definitely getting one with a cover and folders to keep everything organized and dry. Of the optional supplies I know I am for sure going to want knee pads or something for my knees as they get super tired super easily. I am thinking I should also pick up some work gloves to keep from hands from getting too dirty.

My Supplies List!

My Supplies!!

We are just a couple of days away from beginning class and I cannot wait to get started. I hope you are as excited as I am!!