How did it get to be that time already? The new (and final) field season at this cemetery begins in just a couple of weeks. We have our largest cohort yet, with 25 students. We’ll have no problems finishing the recording of the monuments this year. I do think that we’ll need to have some conversations right from the beginning about how we reduce our impact on the space, with so many people in the cemetery at the same time. And I have plans to have at least a few days where we divide and conquer, having some of the students on campus working on a few things, while the others are in the cemetery.

I’ve been so busy wrapping up my most recent semester’s courses, that I haven’t had a chance to share some of the exciting work that has gone on between the seasons. I’ve had multiple student projects on the go. My JCURA student, Ryon, has created a fantastic website on the pioneers, pulling together student research from previous semesters and connecting into a lot of wonderful archival research. You can see his website here. And two former field school/directed studies students presented their research at the Society for American Archaeology conference in Washington, DC last month. I’m hoping to share pdfs of their posters here.

More updates to come, as we get closer to meeting the students and getting back to work.