The first day of summer semester approaches rapidly and I am gearing up to head back to the cemetery with a new group of students. I’m revising the syllabus and assignments, updating the CourseSpaces (Moodle) site, and looking through my resources to make sure that all of our tools are where I expect them to be. There are some new assignments in the works, including expanded archival research to help build profiles for people from the cemetery and photogrammetry to make 3D models of some of the gravestones. It’s a hectic time, trying to make sure that all my ducks are in a row, but an exciting time too.

One concern I have is whether or not I have enough students to get the job done this year. I would definitely love to have a few more pairs of hands. If you know anyone in the Victoria area (or willing to travel there), send me a note. We can talk about it! (Students don’t need to be ANTH majors and can even come from other institutions, like Camosun or VIU.)

Here’s a video from last year that UVic made about our course – reminding me about some of my reasons for doing all this work.