The Jewish Cemetery. Image by: Emily BadgerThe Jewish Cemetery. Image by: Emily Badger

Our class is coming up to close and there are projects to be done! I told myself that I would return to the cemetery over the long weekend, but my cousin came down to surprise me. This pushed my schedule back so I spent my Monday morning talking with Maya and Vanessa about the field quiz that is tomorrow. Afterwards I decided to head back to the cemetery to double check some of my measurements, to see if another day would make me see some differences.

Harry I. Neiman plot, side view. Image by: Emily Badger

Harry I. Neiman plot, side view. Image by: Emily Badger

Sure enough I found a few inconsistencies and worked them out on my rough drafts for the Monument Recording assignments. Sadly I only had enough graph paper to do two of them, I completely forgot to save some for my Mapping Assignment so I’m going to have to wait on that one. But back to the original subject of my post…

Harry I. Neiman's monument, full frontal (plot C30). Image by: Emily Badger

Harry I. Neiman’s monument, full frontal (plot C30). This picture also shows how the right hand side of the concrete fill and granite kerdbing has sunken into the beginning of the hill. Image by: Emily Badger

While at the cemetery I met two couples and an older man, who were visiting the cemetery. They were from out of town and heard about the Jewish cemetery so they decided to visit. The older man was currently taking Creative Writing at UVic, and did most of his work on the local cemeteries. We talked for a while about our classes, and I told him what I was doing in the cemetery. When we said goodbye, the two couples came up to me and asked about the course as well! For the next half hour I walked with them through the cemetery and gave them a bit of a history lesson (to my best abilities!) and then showed them the kind of work that I was doing there.

Every single one of them was so thankful that I took some of my time to speak with them. They complimented the work we were doing and were so happy to have had some of their questions answered. I’ve rarely felt so accomplished and helpful, and today was one of those days. I made sure I took extra careful notes after they left, thanking me again for being so accommodating, even though it had been my pleasure to share my love of the little sanctuary with them.

Today…was a lovely day!

Elizabeth E. and Morris Menkus's monument, angled view (plots C23/C24). Image by: Emily Badger

Elizabeth E. and Morris Menkus’s monument, angled view (plots C23/C24). Image by: Emily Badger