I can’t believe the course is almost over for another year! It feels like we just got started. We’ve made good progress so far, in spite of needing to redo some work from last year (a few of last year’s students forgot to submit their monument records – I’ve been much more draconian about keeping track of them this year). There’s still a ton to do though and I’m surrounded by amazing students who want to make it happen. It looks like we may have a couple of groups of volunteers in the cemetery at different points this summer. I have to admit that I am completely inspired by these students. We are officially in the cemetery twice a week, but most of them have been coming on extra days (there are one or two who have been there seven days a week in the last week). They are so dedicated, not just to their grades, but to the project that we are working on together. I’m very proud of the work they have been doing.

Google Earth View of Cemetery, with highlighting showing sections recorded so far.

I have ideas for several student projects. One of last year’s student’s has applied for a JCURA to do more RTI work. I’d love to get someone working with the cemetery director on some archival work as part of an experiential learning internship course. Maybe I can get someone working on a work study position to do data entry, GPS point conversions, and other similar work. And sooner or later I need to find a keen web design or programming student who can help me turn my vision for the website into reality. It may be time to start hunting down some grant money. This project has become so much more than I expected.

At the beginning of the semester, I worried about getting enough students. Twelve is small for what the department would like to see, but it has been a great number for getting things done. I hope that there is enough interest to run the course again next year, rather than putting it off by a year. I need to think of creative ways to get students inspired to enroll in the first place. Once here, they flourish. It’s hard work, but the level of passion is evident every day. That, however, is a question for another day. Today’s question must be: do I have everything packed and ready for another day in the field? The forecast calls for rain. Ah, the joys of archaeology in BC.