It’s almost time for our second season at the cemetery. This year, we thought we might make things interesting by opening up the course to students from other institutions. So…

Dr Erin McGuire would like to invite interested students to apply to UVic Anth 395: Heritage and Historical Archaeology Field Course. The course is based in the Jewish cemetery in Victoria and will involve developing archaeological skills in survey, recording, mapping, and more. Please note, there is no excavation component to this project. The course will take place between May 9 and June 1, 2016, with course meetings scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-2:20.

Although the course has pre-requisites, interested students can contact Dr. McGuire ( directly to inquire about permission to enroll and to obtain a copy of the syllabus.

Course description:

Congregation Emanu-El is the oldest surviving synagogue in Canada; the associated cemetery was dedicated in 1859 and remains in use today. Within the walls of the cemetery lie monuments dedicated to some of the most important residents and families from BC’s history, such as Samuel D. Schultz, the first Jewish Judge in Canada, and members of the Oppenheimer family, such as David Oppenheimer, second mayor of Vancouver (1888-1891), and so on. This course aims to introduce students to the archaeological methods used in recording historical cemeteries using a hands-on approach. Students will learn and practice a range of skills including: data collection and management (field and lab), mapping and recording, archival research, and project design and implementation. For more details please see the website:

For students from another university, UVic requires that they have a letter of permission from their institute before registration may commence. In our experience this may take more than a month to receive, so please start the process early on.

A student needs to be registered at UVic and have a student number (V00#) in order to enroll in UVic courses. Here are few categories – please read the descriptions to ensure you are choosing the correct category for your situation:

  1. Visiting students
  2. College & University transfers
  3. Other categories  are found here:

Please note that the UVic registration is not done through our anthropology department, but UVic’s Office of the Registrar and any questions should be directed to them: 1-250-721-7211