Acting Associate Dean

Message from the Acting Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Research

Dr. Paul Whitinui

On behalf of the Faculty of Education Graduate Programs and Research team, I want to welcome all new and returning graduate students to what is an interesting time as we continue to learn ways to navigate our way through this challenging pandemic. As a Faculty of Education graduate student, you are a valued member of a community of scholars, researchers and teachers. Not only do we hope your experience here will positively impact your own future, we also hope that you are able to significantly impact others through the contributions to knowledge, teaching, and community that you will make in your time as a graduate student.

One of signature areas of note, is our ability to work together to celebrate the increasing diversity and inclusive nature of our campus culture and community. We welcome faculty and students from across Canada and around the globe—a testament to the success of various international working partnerships, networks and alliances to expand our intellectual influence and outreach impact. With this in mind, the Faculty of Education is committed to sharpening its focus on a number of key areas: preparing education and community professionals, creating a relational responsible faculty community, promoting responsible and impactful research, knowledge generation and creative works, working to achieve socially just practices, recognizing the implications of the climate crisis and other pressing issues related to our work, continuing to support effective and appropriate practices of teaching and learning, and; engaging with local and global communities related to education practice and research.  Aligning your work with these areas makes sense in a time where community-engaged research is not only critical to advancing and shaping the future of education more positively, but also deeply necessary in supporting populations and communities that are at-risk, marginalised, oppressed, and/or underserved.

Graduate study is a rewarding, but often-challenging endeavour. While many of your scholarly and research activities will occur in the faculty of your program, our experienced administrative staff, the Association of Graduate Education Students AGES team, faculty and other support groups are here to help you navigate any obstacles encountered on your academic journey, and to positively enhance your graduate student experience. Whether you have questions, require information or support, or would like to take part in various programs we offer, there are various ways you can access people, information and services by referring to our latest Faculty of Education Graduate Student Handbook. I encourage you all to check it out!

Acting Associate Dean, Graduate Programs & Research