End-of-Session Surveys

Surveys can be preemptively created in Zoom and then automatically launched at the end of a session. Additionally, surveys from third-party sites such as survey monkey can also be incorporated into this feature.

To set up an end-of-session survey you’ll first need to create the zoom meeting and then access that meetings settings from the Zoom website.

You’ll find your meetings listed under the “Meetings” section listed on the left margin of the Zoom profile page. Click on the title of the meeting to open the meeting details.

On the meeting details page scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the “Survey” tab.

When you click on the tab you will be offered two options:

1)      “Create New Survey” will allow you to draft your survey questions using Zoom’s own survey system.

2)      “Use a 3rd party survey” will allow you to add a link to a survey that has been created on another platform such as Survey Monkey.

When you’ve added the link and clicked “Save” you will be returned to the meeting details page and you should now see your survey link as well as a message confirming that your survey will launch at the end of the Zoom session.

Zoom Polling Library

The new Polling Library and Poll/Quiz feature allows you to bank poll questions for use across any meeting that you attend. Previously polls needed to be preemptively generated and attached to a single Zoom session. The types of polling available was also limited to standard formats of single choice and multiple choice answers.


The new Advanced Polling and Quizzes enhancement now offers Matching, Rank Order, Rating Scales as well as Fill in the Blank answers. Short and Long form written responses are also available where you can choose the minimum and maximum characters allowed in a given answer. Instructors can also make answering questions mandatory by setting questions as “Required” during the drafting of said Polls/Quizzes. Correct answers can be established ahead of time to provide instantaneous feedback to students after providing their answers. You can also launch Polls passively that do not require answering and that may be answered anonymously.

Images can also be uploaded and attached to each polling question. Polls will be saved under the “Polls/Quizzes” tab on the Zoom website landing page and when enabled there can be turned on in any Zoom session for which the user has Hosting or Co-Host privileges.

You can enable up to 10 poll/quiz for all of your meetings at one time and each Poll can have numerous questions within.


New poll questions can also be created DURING A MEETING by creating new questions through the Zoom website. When created and saved on the Zoom website new polls will immediately become available in an active Zoom meeting under the “Polls” button.

Remote PowerPoint Control

When more than one participant is in a Zoom session and one person shares a PowerPoint slideshow via the Share Screen feature the person sharing the slideshow may provide remote control to other users in the session allowing said users the ability to change the slides even as the file is hosted from the original sharers computer.

The remote control feature will only work if the PowerPoint presentation is in slideshow mode and the slideshow options is selected in the Share Screen menu as opposed to the PowerPoint program itself.

PowerPoint as Virtual Background

While you can share PowerPoint presentations or share Keynote presentations in meetings, you can also share your presentation as a Virtual Background for an immersive sharing experience. Sharing your slides as a Virtual Background allows your participants to view your video imposed directly on the screen share. It also allows you to manage your presentation directly from within the Zoom meeting controls.

Sound, transitions, or animations embedded in slides are not supported.

To use this feature you must have your PowerPoint presentation saved on your local computer. While in the Zoom session click the “Share Screen” icon at the bottom of the screen.


In the Share Screen menu, under the Advanced tab – click “PowerPoint as Virtual Background”. You will be prompted to select the PowerPoint presentation from where it is saved on your computer.

When you’ve selected the PowerPoint presentation you should see the first slide of the presentation load on screen in Zoom with your own video feed superimposed into the bottom corner of the screen. In the bottom centre of the screen you’ll see an option to toggle left and right between slides as well as options to resize your own video apart from your slides.

New Whiteboard Feature

With Zoom Whiteboard, you can brainstorm and collaborate on a persistent, expandable, digital canvas. In-person and remote teams can collaborate from Zoom-enabled devices on a shared canvas.

Whiteboards can be saved and then easily accessed later from your landing page on the Zoom website. To view your whiteboards, on the Zoom website select the ‘My Whiteboards’ tab. You can also select ‘Shared with Me’ to view whiteboards that have been shared with you.

Whiteboards can be started from within an active Zoom session through an icon on the Zoom toolbar. Whiteboards can also be started from your Zoom landing page on the Zoom website as well as on the home screen in the Zoom app.  Previously saved and shared whiteboards can also be opened from the Zoom website.

Create an engaging space where students can share ideas, work together to solve problems and enjoy a visual breakdown of concepts and lessons. Teachers can create a visual representation of lesson plans during faculty meetings.