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Funding Opportunity! Students in Community: StoryMapping Program Fall 2023

Funding Opportunity for Students Field Learning Experiences

Funded by CEWIL Canada and coordinated by the Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Office 


This program can support your community-engaged or field learning experience in the following ways:

  • $250 for you, the student
  • up to a $400 honorarium for your Community Partner
  • Support and training from UVic’s mapshop
  • An option to present your StoryMap at the end of term CELebration in front of peers, faculty, and community partners

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis

 Students in Community: StoryMapping Program

As part of a community-engaged or field learning course, students can apply for this grant to create content within StoryMaps, a storytelling program developed by Esri, a leading mapping and geospatial software provider. The program is a tool that integrates interactive maps, text, images, videos, and other media types to create engaging digital storytelling.

StoryMaps are an excellent platform for providing context to data from the field and connecting storytelling narratives to place. Map Shop interns have developed tutorials to teach students how to use the StoryMap program and are providing support to students through in-person workshops and online tutorials produced within StoryMaps.

Artist's painting of a cedar tree on the left with the ocean and an orca whale in the front, then background of a sun overtop of mountains

Artwork by Megan Noelle for the Community-Engaged Learning Office

Eligibility requirements

    • There are no grade/GPA requirements to apply
    • There are no restrictions on discipline
    • Due to funder restrictions, international students are not eligible for this program
    • We cannot give honorariums to International Community Partners, unless they operate an office within Canada
    • Due to funder restrictions, students can not apply to more than one funding program offered through the Community-Engaged Learning Office (i.e. the Engaging Meaningfully Program, Learning and Teaching with community: Climate Initiative Program) in support of the same course and community collaboration. 


Email if you are unsure whether you qualify

Requirements for Funded Participants

Should you be accepted into this program, your obligations would be to:

    • Attend a two-hour tutorial workshop on how to use ArcGIS StoryMap; November 7 or  10th, 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm OR attend a drop-in help session with the MapShop
    • Produce your own ArcGIS StoryMap about your community-engaged or field learning experience to access the funding*
    • Filling out a post-program survey to CEWIL (funder)


* StoryMaps can either be integrated into course assignments (e.g., creating presentations summarizing research projects) or be used for personal reflections on the community-engaged or field learning experience 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the grant?

The program includes a $250 honorarium to students, as well as an honorarium for the student’s/course community partners and community project costs* such as transportation to a community activity, printing, IT licenses.

*These costs would be determined and supported through a course instructor if they are coordinating the community-engaged learning or field learning experience.

I have never worked with ArcGIS before, can I still apply?

Yes! We have an intern working at the UVic Mapshop who will provide you with training videos and support while you create your own StoryMap. 

Can I work on a StoryMap with another student?

Yes! We are in favour of collaboration here at the Community-Engaged Learning Office. If you think the end result will benefit from a few creators, go right ahead, just let us know in advance.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

All questions can be directed to the Community-Engaged Learning Office’s email inbox for this program (


Don’t hesitate to connect with our office for more information: email

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