Community-Engaged Learning

Outcomes from the Climate Change and Sustainability Initiative

 Students in Community: Climate and Sustainability Initiative

Funded by CEWIL Canada and coordinated by the Community-Engaged Learning (CEL) Office

Photos from the CELebration & Showcase

Students, community partners, instructors and staff all came together to learn about the sustainability and climate change initiative projects.

pie chart showing 90.3% were undergraduate students

31 undergraduate & graduate students were engaged in the Climate & Sustainability Initiative Program.

90.3% undergraduate students (28 total); the remaining students were in graduate studies.

These students were involved in:

community-based courses, self-directed studies, and honours projects

related to the field of climate and sustainability.

Student Projects Focused on a Variety of
Different Aspects of Climate Change & Sustainability


pie chart showing different sectors of climate change and sustainability that student projects focused on

Students by sector:

  • Sustainable Transportation: 6 students
  • Indigenous Nations: 6 students
  • Environmental: 6 students
  • Sustainable Energy & Resources: 10 students
  • Social Justice: 1 student
  • International: 1 student
  • Government: 6 students
  • Education: 10 students
    Note: some student projects have multiple community partners, so some students have been counted more than once.

Highlighted Projects

  • Sustainability education for children with Indigenous Knowledge
    Working with Elders from Lac La Ronge, Saskatchewan, to preserve Indigenous knowledge from the Woodland Cree Nation and share sustainability knowledge with young children, as part of ES 480: Indigenous Political Ecologies of the Shore.
  • Old Growth mapping & modelling in the Kitasoo/Xai’xais Territory
    Using private data to train an open-source model to predict old growth canopy height over the economic exclusive zone of the territory. -providing a “state-of-union” analysis to describe the state of old growth forests in the territory using a number of forest inventory metrics. 
  • Bioplastics and compostable plastic research with Surfrider Foundation Vancouver Island
    Investigating the potential for BC end-of-life recycling to accommodate bioplastic materials and compostable plastics in order to assist Surfrider with advocacy to the City of Victoria to end single-use plastics.

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