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Caitlin Wareing-Oksanen

Caitlin Wareing-Oksanen

Undergraduate Student

Caitlin is an Art History and Visual Studies in her final year of studies at the University of Victoria. Her interest in visual culture has taken her on a vast array of adventures, from neolithic ruins in Ireland to the contemporary art exhibitions in historic quarters of Victoria to national park archives in the Rocky Mountains. Following the completion of her B.A., Caitlin hopes to pursue a Master’s of Art History. In this time, she intends to continue her research into the domestic arts and ephemera of Georgian England, focusing on how gender is constructed in the home.


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  1. Pam Guilbault

    Hi Cate,
    What a beautiful poster, so in keeping with the arts of the 18th century, especially the colours and layering of images.

    Where did you find these games? Were there any games for girls, that encoded the societal expectations for them?

    It’s interesting to note the literacy skills expected of the people who would be assisting the 8 year old boys to play this game. Would their mothers be the ‘readers’ of the text or their nursery maids? If so, where were those females gaining their reading/writing knowledge from?

    Really a great poster, lots to think about.


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