Online Assessment Room

Are you a student requiring an alternative arrangement for an invigilated online exam?  Your instructor may book a time for you to use the Online Assessment Room (OAR).

What is the Online Assessment Room (OAR)?

The OAR is a supported online invigilated assessment room (in Zoom). OAR staff provide a supportive environment for students to complete online assessments, while maintaining standards of academic integrity consistent with UVic Academic Integrity principles

Who is it for?

Upon instructor request, the OAR is available to students who require an alternative arrangement to write an online exam that requires invigilation (e.g., outside of your regular class time or location). The OAR is prioritized for the following students:

Students with academic accommodations

International students

With time zone considerations

Students experiencing short-term absences

If you need an alternative exam arrangement (e.g. due to academic accommodation, time zone consideration, or short term absence), let your instructor know as soon as possible. If appropriate, your instructor will arrange for you to write your exam in the OAR.

What do I need to know and what support can I expect?

The OAR will be attended by experienced invigilators who can support you and help with issues that might arise on the day. When possible, exams will be scheduled to align with instructor availability to answer questions.

What format is my exam and where can I find it?

Your instructor (or TA) will inform you about the format and how to access your exam (e.g. Brightspace, Crowdmark, Word document with password). Check your email and Brightspace course announcements if unsure, or email your instructor. 

What technology do I need for my online exam?

What you need will depend on the format of your exam. Your instructor will let you know what is required in your exam. If you have questions, contact your instructor directly.  

Basic technology requirements for most online exams include: 

  • Computer or laptop  
  • Stable Internet connection 
  • Updated browser (Recommended: Chrome, but Edge, Firefox, Safari are also supported) 
  • Invigilated exams also require a webcam *, microphone, and speakers (or headphones)
  • Other materials as indicated by your instructor 


If you do not have required technology for an online exam, please contact your instructor for alternate arrangements. 

* If you do not have a webcam, you may log into the Zoom invigilation room with two devices (e.g. computer and smartphone with webcam on)

Your UVic Learning Technologies  is an interactive tutorial for getting started with UVic’s learning technologies. Under the Brightspace section, you will find an Online Exams guide, which is designed to help you prepare for what to expect when taking an online exam in Brightspace. 

Just as there are restrictions for what you can bring to a face-to-face exam, there are restrictions for what you can have with you during an online exam. Academic integrity, not cheating, is an important University value and an expectation of all student taking exams. Review UVic’s academic integrity policy. Violations of academic integrity are a serious matter with consequences. 

More information about exam regulations is available in the UVic calendar.

How do I prepare for an online invigilated exam?

The format of your online invigilated exam may vary depending on your instructor. However, this information will give you some general information about what to expect.  

If you have questions about your exam please contact your instructor.  


In the days before your exam

  1. Practice logging into UVic Zoom with your NetLink ID and password. On the day of your exam, you will need to be signed in before clicking the link to join your Zoom room.   
  2. Complete a Zoom test call to confirm that your computer, webcam, microphone, browser and Zoom application are working correctly
      • Test your internet connectivity (e.g. try out a speed test from Shaw, Telus, or Bell)
      • Test any supplemental software or applications that you need and that have been approved by your instructor or a CAL advisor
  3. If you have technical difficulties, contact Computer Help Desk Support.
  4. If you have a communication / contingency / accommodation plan in place with your course instructor, please review that information, and complete any action items in that plan.

On the day of your exam

  1. Set up your distraction-reduced exam space. Remove items from your background that you do not wish to display on camera . 
  2. Go to UVic Zoom  and Sign In with your NetLink ID and password. You will need to sign in to join the exam.   
  3. Join the Zoom room at least 15 minutes before the start of your exam. The link to your Zoom meeting room will be sent to you by your instructor
  4. Turn on your webcam. Webcams must remain on with you in the field of view at all times.   
  5. When you join the Zoom room, your invigilator will let you know how to proceed. You will be asked to complete an academic integrity pledge and show your OneCard identification before starting your online exam.

During the exam  

  • Keep your camera on and your microphone muted unless otherwise directed 
  • You can minimize the Zoom window if you want to help reduce distractions   
  • If you need to leave the webcam area for any reason during the exam (e.g. to use the washroom), let the invigilator know in a private message before you leave and when you return.   
  • If you have questions, need support or experience technical difficulties, please inform the invigilator in chat. Invigilators cannot answer content-related questions about the exam.
  • If you are disconnected and cannot rejoin, email your instructor AND Computer Help Desk Support

When you have completed the exam

  1. Unless otherwise directed, post in the chat to let the invigilator know you have completed the exam and are leaving.
  2. Double-check you have submitted your exam successfully and then leave the Zoom room.
  3. Go rest and recharge!

What if I have academic accommodations (CAL)?

If you are registered with the Center for Accessible Learning (CAL), please ensure that you have released your accommodation letter to your instructor before your scheduled exam so they can set up / confirm your accommodations.

In the days before your exam, be sure to reach out for support with any uncertainties or barriers that you are experiencing.

  • If unsure about whether your exam accommodations have been applied, please contact your instructor.
  • If you encounter any barriers that your instructor cannot address and that are making it difficult for you to access your online exam, please reach out to your CAL advisor ( or 250-472-4947)
  • If you are having problems with your personal computer or learning technologies, contact the Computer Help Desk
  • If there are issues with your assistive or adaptive technology, contact your CAL advisor.

Please note that CAL Advisors likely cannot be reached during live exams that are being invigilated in the OAR. Academic accommodation plans established with a CAL Advisor cannot be modified on the day of / during your exam at the OAR

Exam tips

  • Have your UVic ID with you. You may be asked to provide your ID prior to starting the exam. 
  • Review UVic’s academic integrity policiesAcademic integrity requires commitment to the values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect, and responsibility. It is expected that students will adhere to these ethical values in all activities related to learning. You may be required to sign an academic integrity pledge.
  • Only set up exam materials that your instructor has approved for the class class (e.g. student ID, scientific calculator, notes, writing materials, accommodation-related materials). Put away other materials.
  • Stay hydrated! Have a supply of fresh water at hand.
  • Use the washroom prior to the start exam. If you need to leave your computer during the exam, please let the invigilator know before you leave the webcam area and when you return.
  • If you are concerned that your academic accommodations may not have been applied to this exam, and you released your letter 2 weeks before your exam, please message the invigilator so they can connect with one of our OAR exam coordinators.

Learn Anywhere has additional tips and strategies for preparing for online exams.

What happens next?

You will be receiving information from your instructor on when and how to attend the OAR for your exam.

If you have further questions about your upcoming exam and the OAR process, contact your instructor.

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