Top 5 tips to best manage your time while studying

You are smart and capable of getting things done. Recognizing and acknowledging that capability is half the battle, and with some strategy, you can achieve your goals.

Here are five quick tips to improve your time management skills!


1. Make a list of all the things you must do. Rank them by most important to least important. Focus on getting number one or number two finished.


2. Once you’ve identified the most important (numbers one or two), write the tasks down adding deadlines. Use calendars, apps or other methods to note your deadlines.

3. Look at your day, carve out a fixed time that you can commit to for working on this task and stick to it.

4. Create the study space in advance, make sure it is rid of all distractions.

5. Remember to be kind to yourself take breaks when you need them, eat and hydrate.




Want to learn more about time management?

Contact a CAC Academic Coach to discuss time-management, goal-setting, motivation and stress-reduction strategies.

If you are needing additional support, UVic has several virtual services for students offered through University of Victoria Student Support Services.

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